About the Book

Children will love this brightly illustrated book—based on a true story—about Rover and his growing family. As an only fur-child, Rover is used to being the apple of his owners’ eye…until a new baby brother appears, and then another! Soon, all he hears is “move over, Rover” from the bed, the couch, and his favorite spot – the car! Soon Rover learns to love his brothers and all the fun they can have together as a family.

About the Author

Lui D’Amato is a father of two young energetic boys. He’s worked in construction for 30 years and was inspired to write this book as he watched his furry friend, Cosmo, go from being the centre of attention to struggling to keep his place in their growing family. Lui loves animals and his favourite pass time is being surrounded with friends and family hosting barbeques and travelling. His favourite motto is “it’s never too late”.

About the Dog

Cosmo, aka “Rover”, was the first “baby” of the family.  As a puppy he was showered with attention and went everywhere with his owners, including visits to friends and family. He was full of energy and affection and loved playing fetch and going for car rides. Cosmo learned how to do many tricks such as roll over, beg, shake a paw, high five and dance, which to this day he loves to show off especially if treats are involved!

When Nicolas was born, Cosmo adjusted to having a new brother and became protective of him. Although most of the attention was drawn to Nicolas, Cosmo “moved over ” and adapted to his new role of being a big brother quiet nicely. Once Nicolas was old enough, the two became best of friends, playing together, going for walks and for car rides.

Then Marco was born and Cosmo had to “move over” once again. This time, his walks were less as were the car rides he got to on.   But again it lasted for a short while as when Marco grew a little, he came to love his best buddy and now the three played together

Cosmo has taught the boys about being loving to another being as well as the responsibility of having a furry friend. They make sure he always has food and water and that he gets to go out to do his business.  As Cosmo is now older and enjoys his alone time, they have learned to respect his space and give him unconditional love as he has for them. He is now 12 years old but is still feisty and loves going to the park to play fetch.

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